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  • Enabling Proactive Maintenance with IIoT

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    Engineer with a tablet conducting digital Condition Based Maintenance.
  • Minimizing Machine Downtime: Boosting Productivity

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    Maintenance of an industrial conveyor belt which has broken down causing production downtime.
R-APPIT robotmachine

How R-Solution Medical’s vision of the future is enabled by IIoT

Innius BV is proud to announce that it has been chosen as the Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution provider for R-Solution Medical’s packaging robots. The machines, known as R-APPIT, are used to automate the process of packaging reusable medical instruments in hospitals. One of the goals of this collaboration is to provide usage insights that ultimately […]

innius used in a smart factory on Android device to increase OEE

7 tactics for improving OEE plantwide

Boost your OEE with these 7 strategies and maximize your production line potential Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) can be a powerful metric to help improve the performance of your machines and industrial assets. Improving OEE can get complicated when manufacturers gather too much or the wrong kind of data. Today, we offer seven best-practice, practical […]