• Product Announcement: Production logistics with innius 2.0

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    Someone at a desktop screen, using the innius production logistics data report to analyse machine production per production order
  • Connecting the innius IoT solution with an enterprise application (part 1)

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  • Reduce waste and spoilage with innius smart IoT software solution

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innius: a machine user’s business case

28 November, 2017

Introduction Building a solid business case for investing in innius, a Smart Industry and IIoT solution, is something you have to do deliberately. Several renowned writers from companies like McKinsey & Company, Cap Gemini and LNS Research have recently published research findings indicating that companies struggle with the financial quantification of business case to invest in IIoT technology. Reasons for […]

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Empowerment for maintenance engineers

31 July, 2017

Enabling maintenance engineers to create value from machinery and industrial assets Today’s successful maintenance engineers gained proficiency through years of formal and on-the-job learning combined with mentoring and coaching from senior experts. The resulting skills and expertise are broad and deep. However, even the most experienced professionals can’t anticipate and consider all the data and eventualities that matter when it […]

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Building the realtime, digital factory

20 July, 2017

Ensuring optimal flexibility while streamlining the construction of the realtime, digital factory Flexibility is essential in tomorrow’s digitally driven, realtime factory, notes consulting and engineering company Tebodin, in its whitepaper about The Three Success Factors for the Factory of the Future. However, don’t overdo flexibility, but keep it linked to your manufacturing business model and customer needs. Connecting your digital […]

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Enabling visibility and customer focus in the realtime factory

13 July, 2017

Tomorrow’s competitive, successful factories will need to be connected and flexible at levels rarely seen today, says Tebodin, the global consulting and engineering company, in a short whitepaper on The Three Success Factors for the Factory of the Future. In our team discussions, we found that the paper gets many things right. What should manufacturers think about as they aim […]

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New release of innius enables smart connection and insights

31 May, 2017

innius 1.6 comes with new options for achieving productivity and performance improvements Veenendaal, Netherlands — May 30, 2017 — innius, the software solution for production companies that want to ensure optimal business outcomes from their industrial assets, is now available in the new release 1.6. This version of innius enhances the visibility of the performance of industrial assets and production […]

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IIoT data and servitization

16 May, 2017

On the way to servitization, real-time IIoT data can enable the critical first step For the manufacturers and users of complex machinery and other industrial products, the servitization business model promises increased value and competitiveness, more stable revenues, controlled costs, and minimized risks. In the servitization journey, live IIoT data can facilitate the all-important step of enabling predictive maintenance services. […]

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