• Production improvement starts with insight.

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    Food Production line
  • How does innius support production reliability at Itho Daalderop?

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    Itho Daalderop boiler production line optimisised by innius IIoT Smart Manufacturing
  • How does packaging machinery builder, Tronrud Engineering, remotely monitor machines with innius?

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    Tronrud Engineering headquarters from the air
  • Imagine saving 20%-30% of your maintenance costs, by receiving notifications of problems before they happen

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    Bakery lines are more efficient when monitoring OEE with innius
  • Imagine you could give your customers advance warnings of machine failures, saving them up to €20K each time

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    innius used on Android device to communicate with colleagues at a crisp packaging factory
  • Imagine you had real-time insight into your production line, enabling you to optimize it, instead of buying new equipment.

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    innius used on Android device in Feed factory

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What is innius?

innius® is a powerful smart industry software platform for industrial machine manufacturers and industrial machine users. This platform supports the digital transformation of manufacturers and users through actionable smart data and smart apps. Machine manufacturers improve their customer experience by offering pro-active customer services such as remote machine monitoring and smart maintenance. Machine users apply lean manufacturing best practices supported by real-time production data to improve their core production processes. Manufacturers and users collaborate to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by utilizing advanced data analytics and actionable business intelligence.

Innius Screens for Desktop and Mobile showing Batch Report and Locations
Innius Screens for Desktop and Mobile showing OEE and Sensors

At the cutting edge

Used in industry since May 2016, innius’ continually developing technology is at the cutting edge of a new industrial revolution. It incorporates the industrial internet of things (IIoT), industry 4.0, smart maintenance, servitization, cloud computing, mobility and social collaboration, to provide a powerful tool for machine manufacturers, production managers and operators. To see the latest developments, refer to our release notes or subscribe to our newsletter below.

Assets made genius

Minimizing equipment downtime and maintenance costs, whilst maximizing throughput and quality, are challenges faced by manufacturers and producers around the world. This challenge is difficult because insight of the metrics concerning machine behavior and the processes they conduct is usually so limited. Now imagine how much easier it would be if your machines could tell you exactly how they operate in real-time. Well, thanks to innius they can! See what an innius enabled machine could tell you.

Who is innius for?

innius for Industrial machine manufacturers

Industrial machine manufacturers

Optimize machines using historical and real-time performance data provided by innius. Improve customer experience and diversify revenue streams by using innius to servitize your business.

innius for machine manufacturers

innius for Industrial machine users

Industrial machine users

Increase productivity and minimize downtime, whilst reducing cost and risk. Use reports to make better informed decisions. Respond faster and collaborate when machine problems occur.

innius for machine users

 Customer Testimonial

“take an existing factory and bring it to manufacturing 4.0 level”

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