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innius is a powerful smart industry software platform for industrial machine manufacturers and industrial machine users.

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Industrial loT expertise for:

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Food Industry

innius allows Plant Managers to outperform what was previously possible as they strive to reduce downtime, waste, and energy costs, whilst ensuring throughput and quality. Industrial food producers like Dutch Bakery, Hellema and Pandriks use innius to gain deeper insights into their production line machinery. Decision making no longer needs to be based on instincts, but on real-time machine data, and long-term analysis, with OEE, Downtime and Batch reports.

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Feed Industry

As part of the Van Mourik Group, animal feed is part of the innius DNA. So, we understand the complexity modern feed mills face processing so many different product formulas. But for every machine connected to innius, the more grip a plant manager has of the situation. innius can deliver insight into how different feed formulations impact machine behaviour, such as how much energy is required, and identify process bottlenecks. This is invaluable data for understanding cost prices and planning the most efficient order in which to run batches. Furthermore, Industrial IoT can enable moisture-content to be used as a real-time parameter for running the production process.

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Packaging Industry

If you can measure it, you can manage it. Connecting packaging machines to innius, allows you to measure amongst others, efficiency, quality, and reliability. Real-time alerts and assigned tasks enable condition-based-maintenance to ensure packaging does not become a process bottleneck. Long term machine performance can be analysed with innius’ standard Downtime, Quality and OEE reports.

Success stories

Itho Daalderop innius

Itho Daalderop

“We’ve been able to take an existing factory and bring it to the manufacturing 4.0 level.”

Tonrud innius

Tronrud Engineering

“We saw that our clients were asking for more, a good working machine was not sufficient anymore.”

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