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Innius Screens for Desktop and Mobile showing Sensor details and Machine locations

Why innius?

As competitive pressure grows on machine manufacturers, generating a healthy profit is becoming harder. Resilience can be found by becoming more specialised and applying expertise to alternative revenue streams. This means understanding your customer’s needs even more to build better machines and offer more services, enabling greater customer intimacy. Connecting machines to the innius Industrial IoT platform, allows them to be monitored in real-time and analysed remotely. This increases the machine manufacturer’s understanding of how machines are used and perform, providing input for product development, and facilitating diversification into more lucrative revenue streams such as maintenance services and part sales.


Real-time remote monitoring

Remotely monitoring the condition of machines, can provide the backbone for a maintenance service. Real-time insights allow machine builders to inform field service engineers about predicted breakdowns and accurately schedule maintenance. Thereby shifting to a Condition Based Maintenance strategy. It also allows remote diagnosis so that the correct parts can be taken on the first visit, reducing the number of site visits required, and ensuring you remain the preferred parts supplier. This offers machine users peace of mind and helps build long-term relationships.

Machine builders working on a machine


Engineer inspecting machine

Data based business decisions

Analysing data from multiple machines over time helps you to better understand how machines perform long term and the exact nature of customer’s needs. This unique information can be used to develop competitive maintenance services, and eventually go so far as to offer ‘machines as a service’. This insight can also be used for fine tuning specifications during product development and solve existing design weaknesses. In addition to optimizing the physical design of the machine, this information facilitates the optimizing of machine operating and maintenance strategies. For instance, this can lead to lower energy costs or reducing the amount of unplanned downtime. This advice can be incorporated into user manuals and shared as documents and media within the innius apps.


Transform customer experience

Not only is innius built for machine manufacturers, but also for the eventual machine users. They want to buy reliable machines which are more productive, energy efficient, waste less and maintain quality. Offering innius enabled machines makes it easier for them to achieve these goals. And they don’t have to do this alone. With joint access to the data, manufacturer and user can collaborate. Operator and technician training can also be simplified with documentation and media available through the innius apps. Having developed customer relationships beyond the initial machine sale, the manufacturer remains in a strong position when the machine’s end-of-life strategy comes into play.

Machine builder and customer working together on machine design

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How innius works

1. Accessible data

After a fast, easy deployment, innius makes data accessible when and where it is needed. The innius Insight app where real-time and historic data can be viewed is available both as a desktop web app and mobile app compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. It is also possible to configure dashboards for display on larger screens.

Innius Screens for Desktop and Mobile showing Machine Profile and Documents and Media

How innius works

2. Enriched data

Raw machine data can be enriched with manual and virtual sensors, by defining thresholds, shifts, batches, recipes, tasks, machine location and integrating Enterprise Application data. Data can also be used to monitor industry standard performance indicators such as: Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

Innius Screens for Desktop and Mobile showing OEE and Sensors

How innius works

3. Actionable data

Real-time data monitoring becomes actionable through alerts, assigned tasks, and social collaboration, enabling faster response times. Longer term decisions can be made by analysing sensor data graphs with innius’ standard Downtime, Comparison, Quality and Logistics data reports.

Innius Screens for Desktop and Mobile showing Downtime Report and Tasks

Success story


Tonrud innius

Tronrud Engineering

“We saw that our clients were asking for more, a good working machine was not sufficient anymore.”

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully you can find any answers you need here, otherwise feel free to contact us.

How can I integrate innius with my machines?

If you manufacture machines which generate a data stream and can be connected to the internet, normally via a PLC, then they should be innius capable using an Ewon Flexy modem, running the innius machine integration software.If you’d like to talk to us about the specifics of your machines, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Do I need any other hardware, once my machines are connected?

innius is a cloud computing based service, so there is no requirement for on-premises servers. Just a mobile devices or a desktop computer to work with innius.

Can existing machines be connected to innius?

Yes, innius enables you to retrofit existing machinery up to smart factory level. And with the correct information to hand, a machine can be connected in as little as 90 mins.

What about security?

The main thing to consider is that innius only reads your machine data, it can’t send anything back to your PLC or machines, which obviously has huge security advantages.

In addition to that a number of industry standard security steps have been taken. These are fully detailed in the Knowledge Base. Or if you want to know more talk to us.

What is the pricing model?

innius operates on a monthly subscription pricing model, giving you access to all the apps. The cost depends mainly on the data usage in addition to a number of other factors. Please get in touch to talk about your specific needs.

Can innius data be shared?

Yes, through the trusted relationships and machine sharing system, it is possible to share selected data with other entities. For example: a user decides to share sensor data with a machine maintenance company.

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