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How to get more out of your production lines?

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Convert data into a competitive advantage

We are forced to move forward and maintain a connection with the market. To do more at lower costs while still making a margin and being able to continue to invest in innovations. The core of your business is your product and manufacturing processes. Those costs must be reduced to have that connection and competitive advantage in the market and still have a margin to be able to make that innovation in order to continue to surprise your customers. Choose one of innius’ 2 strategies for production improvement and turn your data into a competitive advantage.

Choose your productivity improvement plan


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Improve your bottom line by switching from assumptions to relying on real-time information, with the following 4 step process:

Define goals

Connect sensors

Configure KPIs

Build dashboards and go!


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Lead: Innius

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One of the most successful methods to simultaneously save costs and increase efficiency is Lean Six Sigma. By combining this method and the innius platform, a powerful basis is formed to streamline the processes. We use the DMAIC cycle for this. The goal is to eliminate waste and defects and to implement improvements. This is done, among other things, by making the process measurable in real time with innius.

Define Set goals and determine measuring points.

Measure Connect sensors to the innius platform and collect data.

Analyze. Using innius the data is analysed, and conclusions drawn to improve the process.

Improve Implement the required changes.

Control The changes are safeguarded by innius.

Discover productivity improvement with innius

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Which machine is slowing down your production process?

Production improvement starts with insight.

Do you collect the right data for optimization?

Want to save significant production costs?

What if you don’t trust your machine?

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