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Leveraging Industrial IoT to improve manufacturing quality control

Quality Control of Coffee Beans

Quality Control of a Tennis Ball

Real-time Quality Control

Real-time monitoring with innius, opens up new possibilities for Quality Control. It provides insights via dashboards and notifications via apps, allowing response times to be slashed. It allows critical factors of the production process to be constantly monitored, without waiting for physical samples to be taken. With a process’ critical factors under control, Production Managers can improve quality, delivery reliability and reduce waste.

An example of this has been the monitoring of moisture content in animal feed manufacturing. Rather than waiting for finished product samples to be taken, it is now possible to accurately measure and monitor moisture content in real-time, during the process, allowing adjustments to be made.

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Longer term Quality Analysis

Through the analysis options that innius offers, it is possible to investigate the possible reasons if it appears that quality does not meet the set standards. Was the deviation related to incorrectly functioning machines? Was the deviation due to the raw materials? Or was the process not properly completed?

This information provides input for further improvements.

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