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How we started

innius started life as a research project back in October 2014. The research project looked into how we could leverage extensive experience in building software for the manufacturing sector together with the emerging trends at that time, namely; big data, cloud computing, mobile, social and IoT. The team and project evolved quickly. By May 2016 the project had delivered a working product to its first customer. innius was born. Since then, innius has been in a state of continual improvement and development.

Plant manager using Innius on a tablet

How we do it

We’re already a forerunner in the emerging Industrial IoT market, and we want to maintain that position. One of the founding principles behind innius was that it should be developed along the lines of Domain Driven Design. That means that the domain we are designing for, industrial machinery, is the leading factor in what innius is and in which direction it goes. As the industry moves to adopt this type of new technology the domain itself will evolve in both its language and needs, and so the cycle of development continues.

Innius B.V. office building Boylestraat 36b, Ede

Did you know?

Ever wondered what our name means? Well, it derives from the phrase ‘Inside Genius’, hence: In.. ..nius. And here’s another secret we’ll let you in on, our logo is the letter ‘G for Genius’ turned 90o clockwise.

We use a capital ‘I’ when referring to our company Innius B.V. and a small ‘i’ when referring to our innius software platform.


“We’re working at the forefront of an industrial revolution.That’s exciting.”

Christiaan, Software Developer


Our team

We are a team with a range of different backgrounds. What’s brought us together is that we all enjoy breaking away from the constraints of traditional approaches to have the freedom to be truly innovative. As a team we are small enough to work efficiently and collaborate closely, but large enough to have the required expertise and for everyone to have a healthy work / life balance. Structurally we are quite flat, and we use the scrum agile methodology, working on cycles of two week sprints. This combined with a process of continual deployment, gives a good balance between personal freedom and accountability.

Jeffrey and Erik looking at an eWON modem


Vladut Apostol

Software Engineer

More about Vladut Apostol

Vladut is currently studying for a master’s degree in Business Information Systems in Iasi, Romania. His passion for programming has been closely linked to his passion for business, always trying to keep up with new technologies and how they can add value to organizations. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his friends, doing various recreational activities, either relaxing by reading a book or watching a series.

Melony van Manen

Digitial Marketer

More about Melony van Manen

Melony is a Digital Marketer, and so supports Innius’ online presence. In her free time she can usually be found at a stables, as she is an accomplished horse rider. If the weather is nice at the weekend, she enjoys socialising at outdoor cafes with her friends.

Arno den Uijl

Software Architect

More about Arno den Uijl

Arno is an experienced software architect. He gets energy from taking on complex problems and translating them to elegant solutions. Working from the essence of the business and connecting technology and the team process. Within Innius he works with his colleagues on developing and evolving the innius platform.

Catalin Canila

Software Engineer

More about Catalin Canila

Catalin studied Business Informatics in Iași, a city in Romania well known for its universities. Catalin likes to to design and build customer centric mobile apps. He has a passion for coding, and he likes to play football, tennis, and billiards with his friends.

Christiaan Post

Software Engineer

More about Christiaan Post

Christiaan Post finalized his PhD research in nanomaterials science, when he decided to take another route, following his passion for programming. Following a career in software engineering, Christiaan landed at Innius, where he combines both his research and software engineering background to tackle software related problems from the root, and to build correct solutions for these problems. In his spare time, you can find Christiaan playing his trumpet in various semi-professional orchestras. Besides this hobby, he likes to run, boulder or brew his own beer together with his brewing companion.

Wolf Freije

Software Engineer

More about Wolf Freije

Wolf Freije was finalizing his MSc in molecular biology when he reacquainted himself with programming. The pleasure of writing code was immediately evident and he decided to turn things around. After finishing the master programme, he went on to pursue a career in software engineering, landing him a position at innius. Wolf likes to busy himself with a variety of topics and technologies, whilst not being afraid to dive deep into the content. At off-hours he can be found reading, whether it is fiction, fact or philosophy, taking a chance at playing the piano or, teaming up with his father, working hard at restoring their old-timer Citroen DS’.

Erik Veen

Sales Director

More about Erik Veen

Erik Veen has over 30 years of sales experience within the IT sector. He has a huge variety of experience, having worked for companies such as Oracle, Symantec, Sybase Netherlands, De Vries, Interwoven and others. He is an networking expert with a down-to-earth mentality.

Richard Crowter

UX Designer & Marketing Coordinator

More about Richard Crowter

Richard Crowter has an MDes in Industrial Product Design and excels at taking complicated things and organizing them in such a way that they become straight-forward and intuitive for users. He applies this to innius functionality, specific pages and also to the marketing. When he’s not having fun and games with his children he likes conducting historical research.

Ron van der Wijngaard

Senior Software Engineer

More about Ron van der Wijngaard

Ron van der Wijngaard likes to be known as a software artisan and he was the first person to handcraft some innius code. Professionally he’s well matured with a provenance going back over 15 years. He’s not locally-sourced, and traveling by motorbike can be leave him seasonally sun-dried or dripping. Ron enjoys exotic teas and has a penchant for fine cigars.

John Rijksen

Managing Director

More about John Rijksen

John Rijksen has been leading the innius team in the complete development of innius since its earliest days. Building high quality software solutions, which perfectly suit customer’s needs and help them to achieve their business goals, is his passion. His background in software engineering, Master of Science (MSc), combined with many years of leadership experience empowers the innius team to define strategies for digital transformation and Industry 4.0. John likes to play tennis and reads widely in technology & philosophy. Besides that he likes to have long walks with his dog in the woods.

Want to join?

innius is growing and we’re on the lookout for new talent. If you are interested in joining us, please send us a covering letter and CV or resume to info@innius.com.

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