The innius® app enables profitable, efficient production and
maintenance with simple, real-time condition-based monitoring

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Ensure optimal machine and equipment performance

Manufacturers and producers around the world face the challenge of delivering more value with fewer resources. This calls for minimizing equipment downtime and maintenance costs, while maximizing throughput.

After a fast, easy deployment, the innius app delivers real-time intelligence about machine performance and condition that identifies issues before they have a chance to slow down or stop production. This information facilitates proactive maintenance and machine engineering improvements.

With the innius app, companies that manufacture, use and service industrial machines and equipment can share information, collaborate on innovations and protect their bottom lines from production disruptions and dissatisfied customers.

Powering the evolution of manufacturing

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See what innius helps you accomplish

Industrial asset makers

Ensure the optimal performance of industrial assets and translate innovation into profitability. Increase revenue generation within an outstanding customer experience.

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Industrial asset users

Increase the business results from industrial assets while reducing cost and risk. Put industrial assets to work in your competitive strategy and customer value delivery.

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Industrial asset services

Offer a competitive customer experience by delivering predictive maintenance and service innovation. Produce greater, sustained revenue at better efficiencies.

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Predictive maintenance based on real-time intelligence from the internet of things (IoT)

innius shows you the data streams from sensors on your connected industrial assets in real time. You see how the assets withstand their workloads and how well they run. You can initiate maintenance long before a part wears out, avoiding costly productivity disruptions and emergency repairs.

Automatic alerts notify you of critical events and missed performance thresholds as soon as they occur. You can take immediate action to rectify performance problems and avoid breakdowns. With the real-time intelligence made possible with innius, you have the insight you need to keep your operations running smoothly. Learn more

Protecting profitability with rapid deployment and unlimited users

To help you get started quickly with real-time machine monitoring, innius guarantees full deployment of the app across as many machines as you need in two weeks or less.

With this fast, zero-cost deployment, you protect your profits from the hazards of extended technology integrations and cost overruns. Because you pay a low per-machine fee, you can share your machine data with as many users as you want without incurring any added charges. Learn more

Information-sharing that powers collaboration and uptime

With unlimited users, you can share information with operators, managers, maintenance technicians and service providers. This means operators can access manuals and inform other users of potential problems with machines, while maintenance techs and service providers can take action to repair equipment before issues becomes emergencies

This real-time information-sharing and machine transparency helps prevent machine errors and avoid the costly breakdowns that lead to missed production goals and excessive repair costs. Learn more

Building better machines and equipment

For machine manufacturers, having customers share machine data with you opens up a new world of product innovation possibilities. With the app, you can see how your customers actually use your machines in real time.
As you engineer new iterations of existing machines or develop entirely new machines, you can correct maintenance weak spots and design functionality for the kind of throughput your customers require. This enhanced innovation allows you to deliver more value for your customers and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Learn more

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I immediately saw the
potential of innius.

 Erik Hjertaas, Head of Project Department at Tronrud


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