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Grafana API, Sensor API & Webhook

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In today’s data-driven world, the ability to seamlessly integrate diverse systems and applications is crucial for unlocking the true potential of valuable data. As an innovative industrial data platform, innius understands this need and offers a range of robust integrations designed to empower users with comprehensive insights and streamlined workflows. The integrations offered by innius include the Grafana dashboards API, the Sensor API, and a webhook.

innius Grafana API

Grafana dashboards API

Grafana dashboards serve as a powerful visualization tool, and innius has chosen Grafana to provide users with a feature-rich dashboarding experience. With Grafana’s templating, alerting, and extensive library of panels, users can effortlessly combine real-time machine data from innius with information from systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MMS (Maintenance Management System), gaining a holistic view of operations.

To facilitate the use of innius data in Grafana dashboards, users can use a plugin built by innius called the simple-grpc-datasource. This plugin is publicly available in Grafana’s plugin library and enables a connection between innius and the Grafana API.

Additionally, innius has created the innius-video-panel, a specialized panel that enables the display of videos as part of the dashboard.

Both innius Grafana plugins can be found here.

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Sensor API

innius offers a versatile integration option through its Sensor API, which enables sharing of sensor data with external applications, including popular tools like Microsoft Power BI. The Sensor API empowers users to leverage the wealth of sensor data collected and stored within the innius platform, incorporating it into their preferred analytics and visualization tools. This integration bridges the gap between innius and external analytics platforms, enabling users to harness the power of sensor data to drive informed decision-making and optimize operational processes.

innius MMS webhook


In addition to these integrations, innius provides a webhook connection to support maintenance operations and asset management. This allows relevant innius data to be shared with software such as Maintenance Management System (MMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems. A good example is IFS Ultimo software, which is widely utilized in manufacturing plants for efficient planning, monitoring, optimization, execution, and tracking of maintenance activities. With the innius webhook, users can effortlessly integrate innius data into cloud-hosted versions of IFS Ultimo.

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