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CMMS and machine performance management

02 May, 2017

Do you really need a CMMS to achieve better manufacturing machine performance? The right computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) will help you make sustainable improvements in your management and maintenance of industrial assets. It takes time to implement such a system and produce those outcomes. If a CMMS will not help you address the maintenance challenges you need to deal […]

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OEE and lean manufacturing

25 April, 2017

OEE improvement can help you evolve your lean manufacturing practices and create more value for customers When companies adopt the lean manufacturing approach toward eliminating waste and focusing on producing value for customers, they face the challenge of verifying the effectiveness of their lean initiatives. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is an important metric in accomplishing this. Lean manufacturing is about […]

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New release of industrial asset management solution increases usability and transparence

21 April, 2017

innius 1.5 comes with new options for achieving productivity and performance improvements Veenendaal, Netherlands — April 4th, 2017 — innius, the software solution for production companies that want to ensure optimal business outcomes from their industrial assets, is now available in the new release 1.5.0. This version of innius enhances the visibility of the performance of industrial assets and production […]

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